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Since the dawn of civilization, human beings have communicated with symbols. A logo is an excellent way for any organization to take advantage of this innate ability in all of us.

Your logo will be the single most important element in ALL of your marketing efforts. It needs to be totally unique, original and timeless—custom created specifically for your organization. It can be a custom typeface or type treatment, a symbol, mark, illustration, or any combination of these, but it needs to convey an image that represents the philosophy, personality, products, and/or services of your company. Yet, it can’t be too complicated. It has to lend itself to a huge variety of possible uses and numerous methods of reproduction, including copying, faxing, printing, embroidery, and electronic (web) publishing, in sizes as small as a dime or as large as a truck—all without losing its design integrity or requiring revisions to make it work.

What do you get when you buy a logo?
The real value of a logo is not just what it costs to create the final artwork, but also what it costs to research, brainstorm and develop a variety of different ideas and approaches and what the final product can accomplish for you through its use. Take Nike's "swoosh," for example. Any art student worth their salt should be able to draw that shape in less than 15 minutes with just about any computer graphics program or even a set of french curves and a pen. Yet, it is one of the most recognized symbols in the world. For example, AT&T's blue "world" took nearly 18 month's and many thousands of dollars to develop. MDGraphics recognizes that not many start-ups have that kind of budget. But that doesn't mean you should settle for clip art solutions. So, we offer several low-priced custom logo design packages. Each logo we create is developed from scratch—based on information you provide us about your organization, your industry, and even your competition.

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